Saturday, December 22, 2007

random bladeeblahs

We've all at some point been between a set of mirrors -- usually as kids, amazed at the people we can see on either side reflecting off in tunnels to infinity... that might be how to describe the subway -- there are cars, but the separation is more like on an accordion bus, no clear end of a car, beginning of the next. Platforms are by my estimation a quarter mile or better. Picture crowded train as being in a crowded hose.

One of the performers in from the UK is a contortionist, he will be wearing a Santa Suit and doing extreme Yoga. Unfortunately I will miss seeing him work, though he is my neighbor at the hotel and we'll probably see each other at a party coming up, Boxing Day. Hopefully will get pictures or even movies of Twisted Santa from Stella.

Interesting dance of eyes, akgnowledgement/non between those few other westerners, did she/he look at me just then? Why is that significant, did they see me looking at them, did I look at them, why would it matter? Why would they be special? Are they? They look more like I look, I think, but so what, what were they thinking? What am I thinking? What was that?

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Unknown said...

Hi Brien,

You're in Hong Kong!!! Wow.
What's the gig? for how long?
Enjoy every minute of it!

Merry Christmas,

Natalia (the 'Saw Lady')