Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bye Bye Fancy Place

We'll go in reverse, I think... just arrived at the crib in Kowloon. A big crib. Just a day and a half left! Tomorrow's plan -- what?! I don't know! Maybe the Big Buddha, maybe "the peak," to get the big view of HK. Both would be spectacular. There is also the light show at the harbor tomorrow night. Kowloon is sensorily INSANE. The Man Hing Lung is on the 14th floor of a 20 or so story building, the Mirador Mansion -- what I referred to earlier. Balconies encircling each level looking out into the atrium, lots of little businesses.
It's a closet...
But I have my own bathroom and shower....!

From outside window, onto street below, the madness will be bubbling up all night I bet: Sort of a 'wrap party' last night....... not too far from here. Stella rented a small room in a club with karaoke machine. Open bar (after 300 HKD each, something like 40.00 US) I have a movie to edit down later. This was also a costume 'theme' party... come in school uniform! I got away with coming as a 'student at the University.' Below is not taken by moi, moi is toward the back right, it's a nice group shot, a moment between sessions jumping up and down on the cushions around the walls getting steadily more mau. Also an opportunity for me to meet another performer, Jeremy the fire juggler, who is based in Tokyo and (to whom it matters reading this) knows Tak Kurtz, he is in a similar situation as Tak, married to a Japanese with a moonchkin now, and very happy, travelling around Asia performing. Jeremy is about center top row, in some kind of British navy garb. Cheeeez:

Was fun trading notes from our respective perspective, with Jeremy -- the fluidity of themes and constant cultural adopting/adapting/borrowing. Jeremy did something amazing, first pointing out he wasn't all that good at reading Asian charaters, but kind of translating into our linear, verbal world what was momentarily up in characters on the karaoke screen. Cut back to today -- Kit and I packed up the glasses at the mall. Say hi to Kit!
Train station before going to Kowloon, thank you stranger take-a-picture. Awwwww.........
Now back into the fog of the last couple days. But here is an unfoggy shot from the Ibis window. Finally a clear day (but there is still a lot of smog)
A temple close to the mall, last day of the gig
If you are being chased by eels, go this way:
On the British stage.....................
Below -- Lion's Head Rock, above the mall area. Very similar, it lately struck me, to the Sandia Mts behind Albuquerque, all these mountains. Different though in that just below the frame are the tops of dozens of forty story high rise apartments. There's really not a 'skyline' to Hong Kong, but in so many cities these days this also seems the case. Hong Kong is just skyscrapers everywhere there can be skyscrapers....
Bamboo scaffolding shot
Chocolate Fatima with a friend
One my favorite Chinglish signs so far

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