Monday, December 24, 2007


If you live in Hong Kong, you probably live in an apartment building, one of hundreds each around 40 -- 50 floors. You probably do not own a clothes dryer. Neat innovation btw, apartment properties are now lit and surveiled by little flying saucers that look like DVDs...
BRILLIANT!!! Santa Liberty and his director in today's America theme mall, we began with Denmark, yesterday was Switzerland, tomorrow Merrie Old England. How to win world peace: mix and mutilate all cultural iconography and eliminate cultural seriousness -- advanced stuff!!The Ausgelassen Harmonica Quartet at work, got them on minidisc too.

With Tim, the grafitti artist. Graffiti looks to be totally missing in Hong Kong.

Combining yesterday and today's Dim Sum Porno....... everything pictured is Cantonese style except yesterday was 'old' version, where certain items are driven around on a trolley cart, you wave one over and pick what you want. Today the 'new' style, items are brought to you after you fill out a little form. Below, a cake made from a root veg, like carrot:

Shrimp dumplings and custard
Fried Octopus

Bottom left, fried potato and veg, top left, pork grill, right, meatball

Shrimp and beef wraps
Sticky pastryI've tried to get this as consistent as possible from several different people: "leave," and "mouth:"
With Jerry, another member of Stella's team:
One of the old double deck trams that run along King Street, close to where I'm staying, until Kowloon in a couple days....
This time from hotel window, using timer:
I have been intrigued with the now retired airport, Kai Tak, especially how the approach to land entailed a very last minute right turn, over and between a maze of buildings....... had been wondering where it was from the hotel window, then I realized, right in front of me!!
More to come in the next days -- also have spent some time with Richard the contortionist, aka Rubber Ritchie, aka Father Twistmas, when I can scan it I'll get a great picture of twisted Santa up. Thanks everyone for your interest and encouragement to keep adding to this. All is going very well. X'mas Eve is, I am told, an auspicious day for weddings. Taken at yesterday's Dim Sum restaurant... congratulations Ling and Man!

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