Saturday, July 19, 2008


Latest project: an instrument base that travels within size and weight requirements for normal checked luggage. I want to acknowledge and thank Alex in Hong Kong for describing something like this (right when at the airport counter, he watched me urp $400.00 to All Nippon for oversize AND overweight on my rig.) See below, same layout, but 3/16 in. plexiglass --

Which splits into two pieces:

Which fly in a box 24" x 24" x 14"
A new method of getting proper height on the PVC collumns. A bit maddening but the rims all end up so totally plane. LOTS of super glue once they were right:

Couple more shots of such pretty petrolium product:

Fastening the collumns with bolts and plenty of neoprene washers to protect pretty petrolium product...

After testing everything out as a whole instrument. Nice action!! Not too much wiggle but a little more than my other set in the road case. Pretty soon got lost in playing and having fun with it... after all...!!!

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